Case Studies

Automatic Award Interpreter
Automatic Award Interpreter

Designed and developed an automatic Award Interpreter for a health and wellness provider with 8,000 members and 250 staff.

This project involved developing a solution that processed raw time-sheet data, together employee details, to compute all pay codes and allowances according to Industry Awards and pay conditions then generating payroll output.

The scalable solution reduced efforts of six (6) HR and payroll staff down to one (1) thereby freeing resources for other high-value activities and completely eliminating human error.

Database-driven computation and a clean user interface enables processing to be completed in 10 minutes.

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Predictive Cash Flow Model and Balanced Scorecard
Predictive Cash Flow Model and Balanced Scorecard

Devised dynamic predictive statistical model that enabled cash flows to be reliably forecast for 30 days into the future.

This model led to improved management of debtors and creditors through more prudent daily sequencing of cash movements.

Designed a Balanced Scorecard to dynamically report on the health of a tech consulting business via four key domains: knowledge and innovation; sales; service delivery; and financial management (utilising the cash flow model described above).

The Balanced Scorecard provided senior leadership and Board of Directors with greater visibility and certainty over daily operations and forecasts into the future.

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Software Platform Selection
Software Platform Selection

Conducted a four-week business analysis engagement with a multi-national airline to determine a unified software platform for safety management across sites in the northern and southern hemisphere.

This project involved: reviewing existing systems; identifying solutions and risks; performing cost-benefit analyses; and developing project schedules for implementation options.

The proposed recommendation was accepted by senior management and implemented across the global business.

Benefits included: homogeneous management and reporting across the business; reduced risk and exposure; optimised operating costs.

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Menu Ordering System Software Design
Menu Ordering System Software Design

Designed a web-based Menu Ordering System that enables multiple aged care homes to submit meal orders via the Internet.

The system aggregates orders and mathematically converts servings into trays for optimal preparation by a central production kitchen. A set of configurable rules ensures that wastage is minimised.

The solution successfully reduced expenditure of effort and computational risk as both ordering and tray calculation activities were performed manually. Immediate efficiencies reduced administrative activities by half-an-FTE.

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Sewer and Water Fault Modelling
Sewer and Water Fault Modelling

Studied 10 years of sewer pipeline and water reticulation fault data for a major Regional Council.

Performed statistical and arithmetic analysis to determine the likely cause of failures and devised formula to predict future occurrences.

Key project findings and conclusions were subsequently utilised to improve installation practices, select more appropriate materials, and optimise asset replacement.

This resulted in measurable savings for rate-payers and reduced service disruption to the community.

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Process Mapping
Process Mapping

Analysed, process mapped, and streamlined activities surrounding asset management for a geographically dispersed New Zealand council.

This work involved: attending council offices to interview staff; describing all current functional processes and systems; enhancing job roles; and crafting a new data recording strategy.

The project resulted in clearer definition of staff responsibilities, improved data quality, and reduced management overheads.

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